From the editor

No wonder the British are obsessed by the weather; just think, without the weather we would lose the easiest way to start a conversation.

We like meteorological statistics, we loved the numbers that told us how warm it was in March, and we revelled in the fact that the temperature plunged from 70° F to 25° F in 24 hours, and how we all now know the location of Aboyne in Scotland.

Those ten days of summer warmth, what did it bring?  I swear to goodness I could hear the grass grow and audible was the straining of buds as they burst into blossom.

We were treated to the exhumation of shorts, the vision of knobbly knees, sleeveless T-shirts and open-toed sandals. A slight, warm breeze blessed us with pink, white and yellow confetti; daffodils ruled the roadsides; vibrant rapeseed flowers were three weeks early.

Travel brochures for a summer holiday in Spain or Greece were abandoned. The sun made us forget that a summer holiday in Scotland could mean shopping in slush.We were just about to toast the irrevocable start of summer, and then, true to form, it snowed, and on the day that symbol of summer, the cricket season, started.

No wonder we are obsessed with our unique weather.  But Great Britain in the sunshine, is there really any place visually better?

Let’s hope we get great weather for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. There is an acreage of events and activities taking place that are really worth supporting. 

It could be one of those iconic days where in the future you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing on the day we celebrate the 60th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

And finally, and a complete change of subject, if you, as residents of Thorp Arch and Walton, do use and enjoy the nearby and convenient shops on Boston Spa High Street, be prepared for a potential change.

Do we need a Tesco store occupying the Crown Hotel?  What about the future of the small High Street shopkeepers? I suspect a Tesco in the centre of Boston Spa could be as welcome as a hungry fox in a chicken coop. Your thoughts on this are welcome.

Ken Melber

Ken Melber, Editor     January 2012